Occupational Safety & Health Administration 29 CFR #1910.213(B)(3)

我要打飞机“On applications where injury to the operator might result if motors were to restart after a power failure, provisions shall be made to prevent machines from automatically restarting upon restoration of power.”


我要打飞机我要打飞机An OSHA Compliance Solution


When a Sensing-Saf-Start? is installed on a piece of equipment and there is an electrical power interruption to the equipment, the Sensing-Saf-Start? will open the circuit so when the power source is restored the Sensing-Saf-Start? will not reset until the equipment switch has been turned “off”. There is a sensing circuit within the new Sensing-Saf-Start? that sends a signal up to the equipment switch to see if it is in the “on” position. If the switch is still “on”, the Sensing-Saf-Start? sounds a warning buzz when the reset button is depressed, and it will not close the circuit until the equipment switch is turned “off”. Then, and only then, the Sensing-Saf-Start? will close the circuit, so the equipment will operate again.

Sensing-Saf-Start? 1996

Sensing-Saf-Start? 1997

Sensing-Saf-Start? 1998

Sensing-Saf-Start? 1999

See additional Safety Standards that apply to Machines Driven by 120v or 240v motors where Sensing-Saf-Start? devices may be necessary to meet compliancy.

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