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To simplify navigation and satellite calculation, the clock below is set as GMT, not Eastern Daylight Savings Time. But feel free to add 7 hours during the summer months and 6 hours in the winter to figure out local time, or to indulge your clock advancing phantasies. As ahistorical note, Indiana is technically in the central time zone but when given a choice between Chicago and Ohio, our politicians went Buckeye, avoiding the Obama-Daley time zone pretty much wherever possible.


Dr. Edward A. Kimble
Robotics and Automated Manufacturing
Science Specialists, Inc.
Columbia City, Indiana

Margaret G. Kimble
Chemistry and Forensics
Indiana University Purdue University
Fort Wayne, Indiana


freewebvideo性欧美How do you know Spring has arrived.....Frogs, all the chirps, chips, talking, etc. in this tape are frogs from a bordering swamp!!

Granddaughter, Sarah Margaret Warf
Granddaughters Alex and Jamie -2010

Moose,a best friend. May she rest in peace, gone too soon January, 2007.

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Legal Disclaimer: My other brother Tom Fisher did it (you know, the infamous Reservoir Park fall guy).. So Matt you are so off the hook on this one..But if you see Tom, tell him to come by.His unicorn is double parked at our house again and it keeps eating the landscaping.At this rate, and with all the deer stands around our field, I'm afraid the poor animal is going to be turned into deer sausage and Unicorn soap. Which reminds me, I really need to have a talk with Krider Meats to find out what they do with all the unihorns and glitter?