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For any dog over 8 weeks of age AND the people who lovethem!!

When you first become a dog owner,it is very exciting and fun. Remember, though, your dog needsyou to be a responsible owner for its lifetime. It's true- your dog is your best friend when it comes to play, butyou have to be your dog's best friend when it comes timeto provide care and training.

Owning a dog is a lifetime commitment– not just a passing fad! You can look forward to many yearsof enjoyment and pleasure from your dog. The acquisitionof the dog is the easy part of dog ownership – the day inand day out responsibility is the hard part. Without properupbringing and care, the dog becomes a nuisance to both youand your neighbor. A dog that is not properly trained canbe a very difficult dog to live with. Teaching your dog tosit, stay, lie down, come when called, and heel are the fivebasic commands that every dog should know. Ninety percentof the dogs that are euthanized or sent to the pound eachyear are the result of behavior problems and lack of training.It’s never too late to train your dog to be a joy to livewith.

South Mountain Dog Training Beginnerclasses are designed with the following guidelines, goals,and expectations in mind:
  • To gain control of your adolescent(teenager) dog and eliminate problem behavior.
  • For any dog over 5 months (NOdog is too old!). Occasionally, a large breed puppy whois too large to attend Puppy Preschool, will be able toattend this class at 4 months old.
  • Dogs only learn by repetitionso you must be willing and able to spend 15 to 30 minutesper day at home teaching him what isexpected of him.
  • The classes are structured forpet people who want a well-behaved and controlled dog inall situations. Emphasis for this class will be to teachyou how to get your dog under control at home, as wellas out in public.
  • Once you have completed thisclass, you and your dog should be just about ready to takeand pass the canine good citizen test. After your dog completesthe advanced class,your dog can take and pass the TherapyDog Test and become a certified Therapy Dog.
  • All classes are filled on afirst-come, first-served PAID basis. $189 for eight weeks.
  • Complete the Class Registration Form to sign up online.Payment is to be sent to me by check made out to SouthMountain Dog Training Center.
  • If you choose and are set upfor it, you can also pay via PayPal but it MUST be a cashtransfer from a bank account, an eCheck or an instant transfer(clickon the PayPal sign above to pay on-line) and NOT a creditcard transaction (credit cards will be denied as I am NOTset up to accept credit cards through PayPal) and labelit as a non-auction item and pay to my email address:


  • Are "people training" classesfor any breed or age of dog (if we can train you, you cantrain your dog).
  • Teach you how to train your dogto be a well-mannered companion and neighbor.
  • Teach you how to properly care foryour dog.
  • Are limited to 15 students and dogsper class with enough instructorsso everyoneis assured the individual attention you need and deserve.
  • Are held in a first-class air conditionedtraining facility in Emmaus.
  • Are filled on a first-come, first-servedPAID basis.


  • Private lessons.
  • In-home training.
  • Agility Classes.
  • Rally Obedience Classes.
  • Gift Certificates.
  • Buildingrental for any doggie activity ($25 per hour).

  • REPEATSPECIAL, Repeat any Beginner or Advanced class you havetaken in the last two years for only $ 125.00