Saturday, June 27, 2020

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$EMAN They updated their "$80M mixed shelf offering" to reflect that it is indeed only being executed for $7.8M. The $80M is a number that represents the maximum that their prospectus allows for. seekingalpha.com/filing/506...I speculate that the $7.8Mil is to qualify for a part of the DoD phase II contract that requires an initial investment amount before matching it. This is most likely great news for shareholders, as this particular prospectus doesn't appear to dilute existing shares, and it appears this capital is going towards something big.

Friday, June 26, 2020

MVIS Cargo Cult demanding answers having created an Alternate Marvel Universe where Microvision is Thantos on the verge of destroying half of the emerging Technologies extant! But its really...

Look Out! It's Typeface! A lot of Typing, no Customers

Funny, listening to Doc Wittels try to convince the moderator to pronounce BRAD DOM, BRANDOM? BRAD-DUM, BROADOM?, BRADDOM?, never mind"

I think anything that happens flows through SRI and Flex speaking of BRAD-DUM

Elbit to provide Navy with helmet-mounted displays for MH-60S helicopter crews with on-visor symbology (eMagin Inside, glad to see Elbit is still in business)

This is for the Sea Hawk. Eventually will be provided to Chinook, Blackhawk and Vertical Takeoff or Lift ala Osprey.


can't forget the "Very Powerful Company" Ha!

I like the emphasis on Industrial singling out Caterpillar (Sculley has mentioned Cat in the past) and Boeing for Manufacture, Repair and Maintenance.

Paid $20k in Lobbying Fees so far in 2020. Target is the Mentally Challenged on Capitol Hill and the Hats at Department of Defense for a visit (another?) and NDAA2021 Title II


From the Prospectus. better than a second cup of coffee

As our OLED displays are manufactured in increasingly higher volumes at reduced costs, we believe that our OLED microdisplay products will be increasingly well positioned to compete with and displace liquid crystal displays in the rapidly growing consumer market as demand for higher-resolution and better image quality evolves to meet the wish for more sophisticated Personal Viewers. Examples of potential applications for mobile Personal Viewers include handheld personal computers and mobile devices, like smartphones, whose small, direct view screens are often limitations, but which are now capable of running software applications that would benefit from a larger display accessory and  entertainment and gaming video headset systems, which permit individuals to privately view television, including HDTV, video CDs, DVDs and video games on virtual large screens or stereovision.



Thursday, June 25, 2020

and it's not going to be replaced because Geoffrey Porter says so. Make a wish and blow out the candles Geoff. The Cargo Cult Rolls on. Drop the charade. If you find yourself in a hole...stop digging.

@wwtech A more recent article would indicate a reduction. insidedefense.com/daily-new...Regardless, it looks to be a sizable defense contract and despite @trader960 's misrepresentation of dated material, LBS will not be replaced by $EMAN OLED in IVAS

Looks like Raytheon is taking over the dev of ABMS, coupled with the merger with Collins the data-sharing will be realized through the advanced display in the pilot's HMD. Before the relationship between Raytheon and eMagin was confined to the CLU for Javelin.Now it will coordinate with Collins to build in new performance for the new demands.ABMS is Alphabet Soup for the Multi-Domain. I'll propose that Raytheon's New Squad Trainer will have an HMD with eMagin displays.

Enders Game


Difference between PVS-14 and ENVG-B is Night and Day (eMagin sole provider of displays for ENVG-B) "Guys wearing the ENVG-Bs were taking targets at 300 meters and beyond, whereas guys with 14s had trouble seeing beyond 150"

There was a little bit of news, Admiral Hughes is working on Phase II & III, therefore we have no idea of the timeline or amount or Funding Source

YES, a TATA Shoutout!

$EMAN love the customers they're able to reference on the conference call, including TATA. Huge opportunity going forward. A really competent, no nonsense presentation. Straightforward speakers with no fluff.

We'll take this mention..Homeland Security and Emergency Management Market Value Projected to Exceed $840 Billion by 2025

Obviously the Homeland could use some more security.


no breaking news

yeah doug hughes

soon means soon


In the interest of accuracy Jeff Lucas said that "the prospective funding would dwarf any award they had received in the past." He didn't mention Phase III but the cumulative sum.

Senate panel moves to limit funding for IVAS until Army delivers report (IOWs the gov doesn't want to pony up until they know it works, on the plus MVIS/IVAS Cult you won't be in it anyway)

The Senate Armed Services Committee in its mark of the fiscal year 2021 defense policy bill says it would limit the use of funds for the Integrated Visual Augmentation System until the Army secretary submits a report subsequent to the completion of operational testing. The bill requires Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy to deliver a report no later than Aug. 15, 2021 on the acquisition strategy for the service's new augmented reality heads-up display, including "production model costs, full-rate production schedule...