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View the Earth as currently seen from Satellites in Earth Orbit


Introduction to Outer Space - The White House March 26, 1958


Air University Space Primer USAF Air University

Critical Security Alerts

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Various Meteorological Equations and Conversion Factors

Get Lat/Long from AddressConvert Lat/Long to Address
US Geological Service Latest EarthquakesUS Volcanoes and Current ActivityAlerts

 Latest Saint Augustine, Florida, weather conditions and forecast












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More Satellite Images Below

GOES-East CONUS - GeoColor

GeoColor - True Color daytime, multispectral IR at night
GOES-East - U.S. Atlantic Coast

GeoColor - True Color daytime, multispectral IR at night













GOES-East CONUS - GeoColor

GeoColor - True Color daytime, multispectral IR at night
GOES-East - Sector view: U.S. Atlantic Coast - GeoColor

GeoColor - True Color daytime, multispectral IR at night





GOES-East CONUS - Band 7

Shortwave Window - IR
GOES-East - Sector view: U.S. Atlantic Coast - Band 7

Shortwave Window - IR







GLM FED - Lightning flash extent density over ABI GeoColor
GOES-East - Sector view: U.S. Atlantic Coast - Band 15

Dirty Longwave Window - IR 
















Weather.org | World Weather


United Kingdom and World Satellite Imagery

Short wave or Mid-Infrared Imagery (IR2)

The mid-infrared channel is unique in that it portrays some emitted and some reflected energy.
The image can be interpreted much like the thermal infrared image with colder cloud tops extending higher into the atmosphere.
The physical characteristics of this particular energy wavelength make this image useful for identifying fog when coupled with IR4, spotting forest fires and distinguishing the difference between water and ice clouds.
Split-Window Infrared Imagery (IR5/IR6) l
The Split-Window Infrared (also called "Dirty" Infrared) channel portrays emitted energy from the surface of the Earth.
This channel is a bit more sensitive to water vapor than the similar "Thermal" channel.
This wavelength is often used for identification of low-level moisture, determination of sea surface temperature, and detection of airborne dust and volcanic ash.

 Rakuten Marketing Welcome Program

What to Do Following aSnake Bite - PDF File
Dealing With SNakes - IS IT VENEMOUS?  U.F.
Visual Guide to Florida Snakes
List of Venemous Florida  Snakes
Antivenom | Smithsonian Institution
Antivenom Frequently Asked Questions
The Reptile Database
Scientific and Common Names of the Reptiles and Amphibians of North America
Florida's Nonnative Species-Exotic Amphibians and Reptiles
Florida's Imperiled Species
Invasive Species
Tegus in FL - How you can help stop the spread of an invasive lizard
Burmese Pythons in Florida
Report Burmese Python Sightings
NonNative Birds
NonNative Mammals
NonNative Freshwater Fish
NonNative Marine Species
NonNative Amphibians
NonNative Reptiles
Checklist of Florida Frogs
Florida Lizards
Florida Crocodilians
Insectivorous Florida Plant Species
Plant Species Introduced in Florida
Potentially Poisonous Florida Plant Species
UF Herbarium Type Specimens

Venomous Critters - Land Animals



Fire Ant & Other Ants
Bees, Wasps & Hornets
Florida Scorpions
Eastern Coral Snake
Pit Vipers: Rattlesnakes, Cottonmouths (Moccasins) and Copperheads
Black Widow Spider
Brown Recluse Spider
Stinging Caterpillars:
Buck Moth Caterpillar
Flannel Moth Caterpillar
Hag Caterpillar
Io Moth Caterpillar
Puss Caterpillar
Saddleback Caterpillar
Spiny Oak-Slug Caterpillar
Tussock Moth Caterpillar
Venemous Critters - Invasive Species
Florida's Freshwater Exotic Invasive Species
Florida Mammals
Florida Freshwater Fish
Florida Saltwater Fish
Checklist of Florida Snakes
Florida Scorpions
Bees & Wasps & Hornets
Black Widow Spider
Brown Recluse Spider
Stinging Caterpillars
Aquatic Vertebrates - Poisonous
Aquatic Invertebrates  - Poisonous

Venomous Critters - Marine Animals

Stingrays, Catfish, Urchins, Stonefish, Scorpionfish and Lionfish
Sharks and Rays:
Florida Stingrays
Gafftopsail catfish
Hardhead catfish - Wikipedia
Jellyfish, Coral, Man-of-War and Anemones
Jellyfish and Comb Jellies
Corals and Coral Reefs

Carbon Monoxide Info

  Aquatic Toxins
  Venemous Spiders
 Common Poisonous 
  Plants of Florida
 Poisonous Plants By Toxic
 What is Toxic Syndrome?
International Journal of
Poisonous Plant Research
Pet Poison Hotline top 10
plants poisonous topets
Holiday foods your pets
shouldn'tnibble on
Earth and Moon Viewer
View the Earth from the Sun side of the Earth
View the Earth from the Moon side of the Earth
View the Earth from the Night side of the Earth
view the Moon from the Earth
Venemous Critters
National Weather Service Aviation Weather Flight Aware Air Traffic
 Solar Radiation Calculator
Poison Plants of Florida
Common Poisonous Plants of Florida
Deadly House Plants
Poisonous House Plants
Poisonous Plant Database
Cute Killers: 16 Unassuming-but-Lethal Poison Plants
Images of poisonous plants
Poison Ivy and Nettles
Poison Ivy, & Sumac Information Center
Health World: Medical Self-Care for Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac
Plants Poisonous to Dogs
10 plants that are poisonous to dogs
Guide to Plant Poisoning of Animals in North America, for lIVESTOCK oWNERS
Canadian Poisonous Plants Information System
The Top 10 Plants for Removing Indoor Toxins


Guam - ns.gov.gu


Voice of America (VOA)
Associated Press (AP)
AP (The Wire)
AP Headlines via
Washington Post (World)
PR Newswire
Reuters: Business
Business Week
BBC America
The Daily Beast
The Drudge Report
Huffington PostInc.
Independent Media Center
News Insider, The
North America Daily
Online JournalismReview
Onion (Humor)
Poynter Online
Radio Free Europe
Reuters News Agency
Slate Magazine - The
Smoking Gun
Time Magazine
U.S. News Online
US News and World Report
Voice of America
WorldNet Daily
World Press Review
World Press Review


 News24-South Africa
West Africa News
East Africa Post


The Daily Telegraph
World News Australia


Canadian Broadcast
Corporation Canada
CTV Canada
TheStar.com = Canada


Latin American News
Agency Cuba


Shopping product links on the TV provider's Website

Helps to keep your TV Free
*Animal Planet
*BBC America
*Comedy Central
*Destination America
*Discovery Channel
*Disney Channel
*Golf Channel
*Fox Sports 1
*Fox Sports 2
*Fox News
*Food Network
*Hallmark Channel
*Hallmark Movies& Mysteries
*History Channel
*Investigation Discovery
*Lifetime Movies
*MLB Network
*National Geographic
*One America News Network
*NBC Sports
*NFL Network
*Paramount Network
*The CW
*Sundance TV
*Tennis Channel
*The Weather Channel
*TV Land
*USA Network
*We TV
*WWE Network


Shopping product links on the TV provider's Website

Helps to keep your TV Free
Approved XFINITY Internet and XFINITY Voice Devices
Your Local Xfinity TV Channel Lineup
AT&T U-verse TV Channel Lineup
Asteroids Centipede
Gravitar Millipede
Lunar Lander Missle Command
Tempest Battlezone
Pacman Ms-Pacman
Frogger Solitare
Mahjong Galaga
Daily Horoscope
Crossword Puzzles


Computer and Technology Online Magazines

Mini Human "Brain" Grown In Lab

2000-year-old computer recreated

A working model of an ancient computer was recently recreated in London.

U.S.,  International and other Miscellaneous Directories

International TelephoneDirectories
Europages: The European Business Directory (Euredit SA)
Search for information on 500,000 companies in 33 European countries
Addresses and phone numbers of 1.8 million companies in more than 75 countries
A-Z Index of U.S. Government
Departments and Agencies
 United States Department of
  State Telephone Directory
Online yellow pages for millions of U.S. companies. Search for companies by industry, city and state.
Includes more than 175,000 manufacturers. Search by product, brand name, company, location or keyword.
OneWorld Yellow Pages
A global business-to-business yellow pages directory that provides information on small- and medium-sized businesses worldwide.
lNewsDirectory.com Directory of Print media online

Directories: Nonprofit Organizations


Technology News & Information for Kids

Spaceplace.nasa.gov -
NASA's Place for Kids!
Spaceplace Games
Nasa's Solar System
The Mars Curiosity rover
Top5 Science Discoveries
Kids Astronomy.com
Kids.gov - a safe place to
learn and play
Science.gov Trivia Q&A
NASA - Science.nasa.gov
Hubble Space Telescope
International Space
Station Multimedia
NASA's Jet Propuslsion
Laboratories Games
NASA's Kids' Club
Science.nasa.gov - Space
NASA Astrophysics in the
Next Three Decades
Quantam Teleportation -
From Academic Kids



Spacecraft - Tracking

  Space Flybys The most
 Interesting Satellites that
 will fly over you
 satview.org Track Spacecraft
 in RealTime
 I.S.S. Tracker.com
 International Space Station
 NASA's  Spot The Station
 will give you a list of
 upcoming space station
 sighting opportunities for
 your location



Space Agencies

 NASA - US Space Agency
 China National Space
 German AerospaceCenter
 Korea AerospaceInstitute
 National Space Organization
 French Space Centre
 European Space Agency
 Japan Aerospace
 Exploration Agency
  Australian Government
 Space Portal
 Danish National Space
  UK Space Agency
 Russian Federal Space
 Netherlands Institute for
 Space Research
 Indian Space Research



Space & Astronomy

 Astronomy Books
 Kids Astronomy.com
 NewsNow.co.uk - Astronomy News
 Nine Planets Solar
 System Tour
 SolarViews.com- Views
 of the Solar System
National Archives - Space
 Space & Solar Weather
 A Primer on Space Weather
 Spaceflight Now.com
 Universe Today.com

NASA Tech Links

 NASA Tech Briefs
 Defense Tech Briefs
 Embedded Technology
 Lighting Technology
 Medical Design Briefs
 Data Acquisition
 Green Design and
 Manufacturing &
 Mechanical Components  
 Motion Control
 RF & Microwave
 Semiconductors & ICs
 Test & Measurement

Technology News & Information

 Diamagnetic Levitation
 The High Field Magnetic
 Laboratory Levitating
 National Science
 Nasa Images
 Nasa Solar and Heliosperic
 NASA Earth Observatory
 SpaceRef.com Space
 National Science
 NASA'a Asteroid Watch
 U.S. Department of
 Energy - Office of Science
 NationalArchives.gov -
 Space Exploration
National Geographic
New Scientist.com
NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Naval Science and Technology Strategy
 Researchers Advance
  Quantam Teleportation -
 From Academic Kids
 Entangled Photons and
 Quantum Formulae
 Teleportation: Behind
 the Science of Quantum


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